Wooden Shoe Timberframe Co.

What is new and warm for 2015?

May 9, 2015

We here at Wooden Shoe Timberframes are very excited by the new challenges of this year.  We are always aiming to improve, and have been handed the chance this year by clients that wish to have better insulated homes.  We will be building our first Passiv home, which will have no heating system, as the name implies.  This in our North eastern climate!   The sun, the people and their electronics will create all the heat they need. Together with a team, every detail of the building from foundation, through the structure and wall panels, up into the roof, must be carefully analyzed.  This to not overlook any detail, where heat could leak.  The process has had a trickle-down effect, as we work to improve the heat retention in the standard, heated home as well!

Timberframe homes have the added advantage that the structure is internal.  This is then enclosed by a blanket of wall and roof panels. The pre-fabricated wall panel system lends itself to improvements of insulation.  The thermal bridging is virtually eliminated in our design.  With added insulation in the roof, and also under, and around the foundation, the heating efforts stay where you want them:  inside!


DSC_2892 DSC_4958 DSC_5261 - Version 2