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2015, A year for energy efficiency

May 11, 2016

The past year saw us realizing dramatically improved methods for increasing energy efficiency for our homes.  As the timberframe is the structure, the walls and roof can be used as "curtains", creating a continuous blanket around the frame.  We have created a double wall system where the outer weather proof layer protects against moisture, and wind and […]  Read More»

What is new and warm for 2015?

May 9, 2015

We here at Wooden Shoe Timberframes are very excited by the new challenges of this year.  We are always aiming to improve, and have been handed the chance this year by clients that wish to have better insulated homes.  We will be building our first Passiv home, which will have no heating system, as the […]  Read More»

Celebrating the past year!

May 9, 2015

2014 saw us branching out along many creative routes.  We covered a skating rink with a roofed timber frame, made several indestructible timberframe bunk beds (teenager proof!), returned a beautiful farmstead to its original glory, built some custom winding stairs and a heritage style chest of drawers, added a porch to shelter a hot tub, and last but […]  Read More»

Honouring Old Growth Pine

February 8, 2013

Using absloutely beautiful pine from a fallen 150 year old barn,  this structure was created while retaining the natural patinas of the 150 year aging process.  The richness of the grain and colour was highlighted using Land Ark oil finish.  Read More»

What are we up to?

January 31, 2013

The new year has started for all, and that means new projects in the shop.  Like a painter with a fresh canvas, our timber framers are in the shop, stoking the wood stove, sculpting the new timbers that will make up a new summer home/cottage this year.   While the snow swirls and the winds dance, […]  Read More»

Yuill Barn Reclaimation

October 15, 2012

Originally built in 1850,  this small barn was in dire need of some loving.   It was an honour to use the techniques of the original crtaftsman to reclaim this beautiful building.   Thanks for the opportunity Dave!  Read More»

Inspired by the Land

October 15, 2012

Respecting the Land! This cottage was built without any removal of trees, stone or earth.  The client wished to have a cabin that nestled into the land as if it had always been there.  Read More»