Wooden Shoe Timberframe Co.

What are we up to?

January 31, 2013

The new year has started for all, and that means new projects in the shop.  Like a painter with a fresh canvas, our timber framers are in the shop, stoking the wood stove, sculpting the new timbers that will make up a new summer home/cottage this year.   While the snow swirls and the winds dance, the tulips and garlic bulbs have prepared themselves and are awaiting spring.  So too, our timbers await in piles, waiting for the moment to be raised into a new entity.  It is the time of year the timber framer is in his or her element; hand-crafting a piece of a legacy.  A timber that will be a part of a greater whole:  a structure that will stand for generations.


In the office

Lester sits at the computer, drafting some reality to the visions of new clients.

On the Farm

The hens are reserving their strength in preparation for egg season