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Our design team takes great pride in using the natural surrounding of your building site to inspire the site plan and building aesthetic.   We believe every home should be unique in it’s indoor/outdoor space connection.    Together with how you envision living in your dream home, we use this to capture the essence of your vision.

A tour of our office and workshop space is a great way to start the creative process.  Clients are always inspired by our use of natural materials in our work space.

Building Site and Lifestyle Choices

We will accompany you on a complimentary visit to your building site and listen, to develop an understanding of your vision, lifestyle, needs, and budget.


After our initial meeting and discussion,  we start with a concept that compliments your building site and incorporates your vision with our ideas.   This will lead to an iterative process that is soon developed into a design that is exciting for all.


Now that we have created  the concept together,  WST will now develop more detailed construction drawings to refine budget before heading into the Build phase.   We like your involvement in the selection of natural materials and methods to ensure a beautiful, sustainable building.  Also monthly schedule and budget meetings  are standard to ensure a successful project.

Working closely with our clients through all stages of the process,  continues to deliver the “home of your dreams”.